How to avoid energy headpressure when practicing meditation

Meditation and its true purpose

Most spiritual schools emphasize meditation as a primary way of connecting a person’s soul with God or with other higher entities such as saints, or to know oneself in an attempt to discover one’s destiny in this life, or to uncover the causes of events in his life, as well as other purposes. To achieve these noble goals we first must go through the steps of “immersion” into the higher vibrations/frequencies of energy, to open our access to the vibrations of higher dimensions.

Avoiding energy head pressure when doing spiritual practice
Meditation and energy head pressure

To do this we first must detach or distance ourselves from the lower vibrations both within ourselves and around us. For this purpose, deep breathing procedures are practiced, or focusing on beautiful and soothing images in our memory, on the repetition of all kinds of mantras like “Hare Krishna” or “OM” or others, or using spiritual music, hitting Tibetan gongs, and many other. If we manage to diligently follow these techniques to distance ourselves from lower vibrations, we can achieve a state of inner peace, calm, and the ability for inner focus, which obviously bring us a personal benefit by releasing stress for example. For this purpose, meditation procedures for beginners are many times used, such as TM and Mindfulness meditations, which are now widely used throughout the world by spirituals.

I have found that many spirituals use them for years and even decades, even to the end of their lives without realizing that they are for beginners. Some practitioners even imagine that they can reach or have already become enlightened by practicing these types of meditations! One of the issues with these beginner meditations is that they emphasize the use of the upper chakras, which is also normal for a beginner in meditation, but it is no longer normal if he insists on them in the long run.

Energy headpressure due to wrong spiritual practices

What happens is that if the spiritual is dedicated and even practices these types of meditations correctly, his upper chakras will open in time more in a certain percentage and hence facilitate bringing into his body lots of prana (higher energy); the prana will be brought in especially into his subtle bodies, so above the physical one. This aspect is generally favorable, but if a balance is not maintained in the energy system of the body as a whole, this can bring great troubles in the long run.

Practicing this kind of meditation over time will bring a large amount of energy in the head area, which will start to put more and more pressure on the energy subtle fields of the head. The result is headaches, dizziness, feeling that you can no longer follow up a thought, loss of memory, poor general condition.

Going to the doctor doesn’t solve anything, because by investigations the medical scanners can’t record such high frequencies of the accumulated energy, and the doctor concludes that the patient has nothing in fact, just something psychological and sends him to a psychologist or even psychiatrist, who if additionally prescribes some medication the patient’s condition may even get worse. It is fashionable now for those who feel these effects to claim immediately that they are going through a “kundalini awakening” and that they have bad luck, when in fact they suffer from something completely different, all starting from their ignorance about this phenomenon.

The human physical body is properly maintained by the higher subtle energy bodies, and any disease starts first with some limiting beliefs in our subconscious, which in turn distorte the subtle energies in our body, which in turn directly affect the physical body, and only then does the person goe to the doctor. I meet more and more such people in my practice of reading the souls and energy fields of people’s bodies, many being spirituals with a long practice gained in different schools. I have found in these persons major imbalances between the subtle energy fields of their higher bodies compared to their lower ones.

I noticed a true energy fracture between the lower energy plans and the higher ones. Because of this, the energy stored in one part of the body cannot be purged down through the body and then into the ground, as is normal. The human body has been designed as a conduit between the high cosmic energies and the lower planetary energies, and any energy obstruction in it, such as those in the chakras for example, will affect the normal flow of energy and lead to disease; it is a basic physical mechanism of Creation.

So I advise caution when adopting a long term meditation practice, and better seek the guidance of a competent spiritual master.


You can learn more by reading other posts in my blog in my spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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